Third Grade Music with Ms. Jorstad

2016-2017 Third Grade Units of Inquiry

August-September 2016
Unit 1:  How We Organize Ourselves--People create and influence their communities.

October-November 2016
Unit 2:  Who We Are--Creativity can be expressed through the arts, literature and technology.

November-December 2016
Unit 3:  Where We Are In Place and Time--The histories and cultures of community members provide insight into the commonalities we have as human beings.

January-February 2017
Unit 4:  How the World Works--Change affects the interaction between organisms and their environment.

February-March 2017
Unit 5:  How We Express Ourselves--Forces and bodies in motion inspire scientific inquiry and cultural expression.

April-June 2017
Unit 6:  Sharing the Planet--Geographic features, natural resources and climate impact life.

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Third Grade National Common Core Music Standards