School Songs & Instrument Exploration

Our two Santa Fe classes meet each week on Wednesdays.  Mrs. Lynn's class meets from 9:05-9:25, and Mrs. White's class meets from 9:30-9:50.


One of  our goals for music class is to review our three important school songs:  Be SURE, the National Anthem and the Bulldog Boogie.  You can hear two of these shared during our Monday morning Bulldog Boogie with the entire student body, over 600 students!


Another goal is to explore the instruments of the Orchestra.  We learned about the four families (string, woodwind, brass, percussion) and have experienced the brass instruments (trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba) which were demonstrated in class.

Here are two excellent youtube clips demonstrating the orchestra and the brass family that you may enjoy watching with your child.

Good Orchestra Example:  “Pirates of the Caribbean” (Auckland Symphony Orchestra)

Good Brass Example:  “Fanfare for the Common Man” (New York Philharmonic)


Please be sure to contact me with any concerns, questions or suggestions you have!

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