Fifth Grade Music with Ms. Jorstad

2016-2017 Fifth Grade Units of Inquiry

August-September 2016
Unit 1:  Who We Are--The connection between resources influences survival.

September-November 2016
Unit 2:  Where We Are In Place and Time--Change occurs in response to challenges, opportunities and environments.

November 2016-January 2017
Unit 3:  How We Express Ourselves--Beliefs, feelings, discoveries and ideas are expressed to solve problems and make sense of the world.

January-February 2017
Unit 4:  How We Organize Ourselves--Individual elements within world systems interact and affect each other.

February-April 2017
Unit 5:  How the World Works--The structure and norms of humans impact the natural world and societies.

May-June 2017
Unit 6:  Sharing the Planet--Seasonal patterns affect the distribution of earth's resources.

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Fifth Grade National Common Core Music Standards