4th Grade Music from September

September is coming to a close, and here are some music things we have learned this past month.

  • We have experienced playing in a drumline with the song Quadraboom.

  • Students are learning to read and perform rhythms from our website, MusicPlayOnline.  Ask them what the game of “Poison” is--they are pretty good at it.

  • We have begun to play recorder again, learning how music works. We are reviewing the easier notes so far: B-A-G, but using those notes to help understand how to read and perform music using standard music notation.  These are skills that will really help our students if they choose to learn an instrument or join choir in middle school.

  • Recorders are available for purchase in the Student Store for $5.  I strongly recommend every student have a recorder at home for additional practice.

  • We are also learning a song from South Africa--Bambelela/Never Give Up.  Here is a nice recording of the song.

Rhythm Poison Game