4th Grade Music--Learning Dynamics & Rhythm Reading

Our 4th grade classes have been participating in some drumming activities, reviewing how to read basic rhythm notation, and learning about dynamics in music.

Here is a fun video to review “Crescendo” and “Decrescendo” as well as Forte (Loud) and Piano (Soft). It is published by Music K8/Music Plank Publishing.

Our dynamic vocabulary includes:

Fortissimo (Very Loud)
Forte (Loud)
Mezzo Forte (Medium Loud)
Mezzo Piano (Medium Soft)
Piano (Soft)
Pianissimo (Very Soft)
Crescendo (Getting Gradually Louder)
Descrendo (Getting Gradually Softer)

On the website www.MusicPlayOnline.com there are some fun interactive games for helping students to read and perform rhythms. It would be great if you can try this out with your musician at home. (You can email me at cynthiajorstad@vistausd.org to get the User Name and Password).

Which Rhythm Do You Hear?