Welcome to 3rd Grade Music!

Greetings, new and returning families.  I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with returning third grade students and meeting a few new ones beginning the week of August 22-26. Third grade music classes will meet weekly at the following times:

  • Tuesdays 10:55-11:35 with Mrs. Chilcote's Class
  • Tuesdays 12:20-1:00 with Mrs. Bigg's Class
  • Thursdays from 10:55-11:35 with Mrs. Scott-Gonzalez's Class
  • Thursdays from 12:20-1:00 with Mr. Maldonado's Class

During our first week of music class, our Third Graders learned their new seats and we took pictures for the Music Seating Chart while singing the "Name Game" song.  We also reviewed the National Anthem, connecting it to the Gold Medal Ceremonies at the Olympics.  We reviewed the words to  the song "The Bulldog Boogie" which is shared every Monday at the Bulldog Boogie. We also worked together to play and perform on hand drums in various patterns and rhythms.

Cindy, Cindy boe bindy
Banana-fana foe findy
Me my moe mindy

Billy, Billy boe billy
Banana-fana foe filly
Me my moe milly


  • Be Safe
  • Be Understanding
  • Be Respectful
  • Give Your Best Effort
  • Be Sure, Be Sure, Be Sure; I'm Sure, I'm Sure, I'm Sure!!

Third grade students are invited to audition for our after school choir, Vista Voices, which meets on Wednesdays from 2:45-4:30. More information is posted here. Also, we are looking for some helpful and willing parents to assist during our Wednesday after school rehearsals.  This is an important but fun job--and you are welcome to participate in our music activities, if you like.

You are always welcome to leave me a question or comment at my email:  cynthiajorstad@vistausd.org or on my school phone:  (760) 726-2170 Ext. 44316.