2nd Grade Music from September

September is coming to a close, and here are some music things we have learned this past month.

Our 2nd grade students have spent several weeks exploring the various instruments of the orchestra, including families (strings, woodwind, brass, percussion and keyboard).  We are learning names of instruments as well as how to identify each individual timber or sound an instrument makes. Everyone got a chance to play the bass drum, timpani and snare drum in class.  We will finish up this unit by watching “Peter and the Wolf,” a wonderful Russian story set to music by Sergei Perkofiev. It has excellent examples of several woodwind instruments (duck=oboe; cat=clarinet; grandpa=bassoon; bird=flute) as well as others.  Each time that character enters the story, a special melody and instrument enter with them.

Here is a link to the movie we have watched in class: Peter and the Wolf

We are also learning a song from South Africa--Bambelela/Never Give Up.  Here is a nice recording of the song.

What is next?

2nd graders will learn songs and traditions from different countries and cultures.  This will include songs from Japan, Mexico, France, the Phillipines and Ghana.

Peter and the Wolf Fun