2nd Grade Music from September

September is coming to a close, and here are some music things we have learned this past month.

Our 2nd grade students have spent several weeks exploring the various instruments of the orchestra, including families (strings, woodwind, brass, percussion and keyboard).  We are learning names of instruments as well as how to identify each individual timber or sound an instrument makes. Everyone got a chance to play the bass drum, timpani and snare drum in class.  We will finish up this unit by watching “Peter and the Wolf,” a wonderful Russian story set to music by Sergei Perkofiev. It has excellent examples of several woodwind instruments (duck=oboe; cat=clarinet; grandpa=bassoon; bird=flute) as well as others.  Each time that character enters the story, a special melody and instrument enter with them.

Here is a link to the movie we have watched in class: Peter and the Wolf

We are also learning a song from South Africa--Bambelela/Never Give Up.  Here is a nice recording of the song.

What is next?

2nd graders will learn songs and traditions from different countries and cultures.  This will include songs from Japan, Mexico, France, the Phillipines and Ghana.

Peter and the Wolf Fun

Learning about instrument families

Second grade classes have been learning about the most common instruments of the orchestra and what families they belong to:

  • Strings

  • Woodwinds

  • Brass

  • Percussion

  • Keyboards

There are some GREAT games for reviewing instruments on the www.MusicPlayOnline.com website. I recommend you take time to share some of these activities with your student at home. (You can email me to get the User Name and Password at cynthiajorstad@vistausd.org)

  • Instruments of the Orchestra

  • What Instrument Do You Hear?

  • Instrument Bingo

Additionally, here is a fun version of Knick Knack Paddy Whack that demonstrates instruments in a fun, jazzy version to watch on YouTube. I love this publisher, Barefoot Books, and they have free videos of most of their musical books. Good stuff!

Knick Knack Paddy Whack Barefoot Books

Music Fun for Students at Home


Here is an exciting resource for Vista Academy students. This interactive music website was created by Denise Gagne, a marvelous preschool and elementary music educator in Canada. I was fortunate to attend a wonderful workshop she presented with Artie Almeida this summer in Washington, DC. Included with the workshop fee was a year’s subscription to this website for me and all of my students. Hoping you find time to review it with our musicians.


You will need the username and password. I am sending this home on a flyer for all students during the week of September 19-23, 2018. You can also email me for this info at cynthiajorstad@vistausd.org. We have permission to use it for our students, but not to post it on social media.

Familias ...

Aquí hay un recurso emocionante para los estudiantes de Vista Academy. Este sitio web de música interactiva fue creado por Denise Gagne, una maravillosa educadora de preescolar y música elemental de Canadá. Tuve la suerte de asistir a un maravilloso taller que presentó con Artie Almeida este verano en Washington, DC. Incluido con el costo del taller fue la suscripción de un año a este sitio web para mí y para todos mis alumnos. Esperando que encuentres tiempo para revisarlo con nuestros músicos.


Necesitarás el nombre de usuario y la contraseña. Enviaré esta casa en un volante para todos los estudiantes durante la semana del 19 al 23 de septiembre de 2018. También puede enviarme un correo electrónico para obtener esta información a cynthiajorstad@vistausd.org. Tenemos permiso para usarlo para nuestros estudiantes, pero no para publicarlo en las redes sociales.

Welcome to 2nd Grade Music 18-19

Greetings Second Grade Vista Academy Families.

My goal this year is to give you updates on music class activities about every 2 weeks.  Often I will share links that you can use at home to review and talk about what we are learning in class.  I love to hear comments, questions and ideas from you as you share musical experiences with your child. Feel free to contact me at cynthiajorstad@vistausd.org.

Saludos familias de la Academia Vista de segundo grado.

Mi objetivo este año es darle actualizaciones sobre las actividades de la clase de música cada 2 semanas. A menudo compartiré enlaces que puedes usar en casa para revisar y hablar sobre lo que estamos aprendiendo en clase. Me encanta escuchar comentarios, preguntas e ideas de usted mientras comparte experiencias musicales con su hijo. No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo en cynthiajorstad@vistausd.org.