Welcome to Ms. Jorstad's Music Website!  

If you are looking for more information for students involved with music programs that Ms. Jorstad teaches, you are in the right place. 


Music Info for Students at
Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

San Marcos Lutheran After School Music & Arts Program

  • Cherubs (Pre-School)
  • Sonbeams (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)
  • Alleluia (2nd-6th Grade)

You can leave phone messages or contact me via email at the following numbers/addresses:

  • School Email:  cynthiajorstad@vistausd.org
  • SMLC Music and Arts Email:  smlcmusicandarts@gmail.com
  • Cell Phone:  619-518-8483
  • Ms Jorstad's Website:  www.JorstadMusic.com

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